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Half Marathon Walk or Run


Kaikoura Peninsula to Kowhai River and back

Starting at South Bay Racecourse you will race alongside the beach on the grass/sand verge to the end of South Bay domain take the Peninsula walk path that has a short steep climb to bring you on top of the Peninsula. Then you will follow the path across the Peninsula with its amazing views to the northern side at the Seal colony, a short (1 km) stretch along the boardwalk and road to climb back to the top of the Peninsula. Follow the road on top of the Peninsula to St Pauls track and steep descent down a path known as "The Stairway." 

Half marathon racers will continue on along the bike track of gravel and sand south towards the Kowhai River. This amazing track has been made with the hard work of the Kaikoura Cycle Club and varies in width and substrate – gravel, sand and dirt. Racers follow this heading up the Kowhai River toward Mt Fyffe, until their turnaround points where you will come onto a gravel roadway back to the Kowhai River Bridge.

The elevation is very gentle for this section.

On the return to South Bay runners again head to the entrance of South Bay Racecourse, finishing with half a lap of the track to the finish line.

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