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If you’re thinking about taking on the Kaikoura Mountains to Sea Marathon but are not sure where to start, perhaps Jonny at Central Fitness can help!


We’ve teamed up with Central Fitness, Kaikoura to deliver you generic training plans to help you achieve your goals. 


Jonny’s created an 8-week 21 km training plan and a 12-week 42 km plan to help keep you on track.




Central Fitness believes that fitness is not a hobby, but a way of life and with gyms also in Picton, Temuka and Cromwell, these guys have seen people from all walks of life at different stages of their fitness journey. We’re so stoked to have them on board.


Make sure to check out their website and see what they’ve got to offer, including free classes with your membership!









R - Line - Keeping you fueled up on our 10, 21 and 42 km routes


We’ve had R-Line electrolytes at our Aid Stations and M2S HQ for a wee while now, and we’re always impressed with their performance.


Specifically designed for endurance, performance and speedy hydration, R-Line Electrolyte are packed with the perfect combination of electrolytes and carbohydrates so you can go faster and harder, for longer.  Each flavour will leave you feeling energised and hydrated to help keep you moving no matter what type of exercise you’re doing. We also love that R-Line is manufactured in New Zealand!

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